Zoos for life!

Hands up if you loved eating Iced Zoos as a kid? That`s everyone, right? The real question to debate will be around how exactly you ate your Zoo….

A quick Google Search pulls up a number of blog posts on the topic with my favourite being from the blog willworkforbiltong:  “First you nibble the exposed cookie around the icing. Then you lick off the iced animal. After this it was up to your own discretion. Either you could lick the coloured icing off the leftover biscuit, followed by the biscuit itself, or you could finish off the whole cookie in a couple of bites. Thinking back about this, eating them this meticulously must have stopped us from scoffing the whole box in one sitting, which is what I did with Romany Creams on a regular basis.”

Something we will all be in agreement on is the fact that the animals have become less and less identifiable over the years and are close to being blobs. Good for the imagination I guess but other than that, it`s quite a sorry sight! If you don`t believe me, check this out:

I have decided to remedy the situation by creating new-and-improved Zoos. I had fun on this project as it bought a whole bunch of my childhood memories flooding back. I am just short of a springbok cutter so if you happen to stumble upon one, please let me know .

Have a great day and long live the Zoos!


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