About me

Hi there, I`m Monique and I do the doodling around here. I live in Cape Town with my amazing husband and a fridge full of butter. I can often be found paging through recipe books, experimenting in the kitchen or  adding yet another cookie cutter to my ever growing collection. I enjoy the ease and forgiveness that cooking allows as well as the precision and accuracy that baking demands. Flops are never wasted thanks to my biggest fan, Kevin.

In 2012 Kevin & I resigned from our jobs, packed up our stuff and spent a wonderful year traveling around the world (to read more about our adventures, click here.) In was during that trip that I realized just how much I love food and on our return decided to take a year-long break from my profession as a Biokinetisist (clinical exercise specialist) and pursue working with food.

In that year, I had a number of fantastic experiences from attending cookie & cake workshops to improve my skills, observing and mucking-in in a professional kitchen to teaching kids how to cook and bake. All these adventures lead to me starting up my own baking business, Sugar Doodle.

I have realized that working with food really does bring me so much joy and there is no doubt I will, somehow, continue to pursue this love into the future.

This blog is where I document my creations, share my thoughts on life, delicious food and living out my doodling dreams.


creating delicious, edible works of art

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