Christmas Goodies

Isn`t it funny how some foods reminds us of a certain season? I find this especially true at Christmas time which seems to bring out the firm family favourites – lebkuchen, trifle or mince pies.  I find that I don`t usually eat shortbread during the year but come Christmas time, it`s a real treat and I find myself reaching for one and really enjoying it.

I have enjoyed experimenting with some new and exciting flavours and toppings for my shortbread: choc-chunk, cinnamon swirl, nut praline crunch, cherry bites, sugar sprinkle and Lindt chocolate drizzle… hmm, delicious!

That together with some buttermilk rusks with cranberries, white chocolate and caramelized almonds, Christmas-themed iced cookies and my Gingerbread House Kits, make Christmas my most favourite time of the year to bake!


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