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Blue Bird Fashion Market fun


On Saturday, 14 September I went off to the wonderful Blue Bird Fashion Market armed with a boot-load of Sugar Doodle cookies. It was a great experience to be around a bunch of creatives and I really enjoyed the opportunity to sell my goodies and see people`s responses about my things. I have found this part of the business quite hard – creating something and them having people critique it. Luckily for me there were lots of ladies¬†oooing and aaaahing about my cookies. My favorite customers are the kiddies (well their parents as they are the ones with the moola) and nothing touches my heart more than a kid`s face lighting up as they chose their cookie… gingerbread boys and girls, sweet pink bunnies and smiling dinos were all hits.

It is a wonderful market and well worth a visit. I wrote a review about them a while back so check it out if you`d like to find out some more info:  http://musingsofadoodler.wordpress.com/2013/08/11/market-review-blue-bird-garage-food-and-goods-market/