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Rusk time

After a fabulous summer that held on for as long as it could, the temperatures dropped suddenly and just like that thick socks, extra blankets and 5-cups-of-tea-before-9am were the order of the day. Winter had arrived! The single digit temperatures kicked me into rusk-making gear and after a few weeks of cold, our huge Tupperware container was well and truly full –  to Kevin’s delight.

I am busy working on some new gourmet  flavour combinations so keep your eyes peeled for their launch. In the meantime you can order 500g bags of rusks by emailing hellosugardoodle@gmail.com. Flavours available are: Buttermilk, Buttermilk Choc-chunk, Buttermilk with cranberries, white chocolate and toasted almonds and Bran.


Sugar Doodle cookies now at High Tea

If you`re looking for another way to get your hands on Sugar Doodle`s cookies, look no further than the delightful High Tea located in Farriers Centre (53 Constantia Road) . They have got delicious treats on offer and my gingerbread families have reported that they are loving their new home and that the smell of the coffee is so enticing that it takes every bit of self-control not to jump down from the shelf and go grab a cup… 🙂

If you`re looking for a place to catch up with a friend in a tranquil setting, head to High Tea. It`s a hidden gem and well worth a visit. Their website is very informative ( http://www.hightea.co.za/ ) and their Facebook page is kept up to date by regularly posting photos of their delicious food ( https://www.facebook.com/HighTeaCakeShop )