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STYLED SHOOT: Italian Vogue Elopement

The concept and styling of this shoot was by the lovely ladies at Green Goddess Flower Studio and the story behind it was as follows: The couple are stylish Americans who were going out for lunch in the city of Cape Town, whilst on a visit to South Africa. The romantic groom has planned a secret elopement and hired a photographer to capture the scene. The ‘groom’ asks the ‘bride’ to dress up and they wander through the streets of Cape Town supposedly on their way to lunch. When they enter a square, he has arranged for a wedding planner to be waiting with some cards saying ‘will you marry me’. He lifts her up onto a stone plinth in the square, then she looks down at him as he shows her the cards asking her to marry him TODAY! There is a Yes and No option – she says Yes of course! Then he presents her with a gift box (decorated with flowers) and inside is a flower ring (allowing the stylish bride to choose her own ring later). They rush off to the church and get married – the planner has bouquets, bouts and stationery (saying they eloped) all ready for them including a selection of bouquets for the bride. Then the lunch turns out to be a small reception planned for them with a small dessert and cookie bar and martini tray. After lunch, they wander through the city some more looking at the amazing architecture and reveling in their special moments.

How great, hey? Such fun to provide the iced cookies and macaroons to fit in with this sweet love story!

This shoot was published on greenweddingshoes which you can read about here.

The vendors that contributed towards this shoot are listed below:

Concept, Styling, Event & Floral Design: Green goddess flower studio, www.greengoddess.co.za
Photographer: Debbie Lourens Photography, www.debbielourensphotography.com
Hair and Makeup: Marnel Toerien Makeup Artist and Hairstylist http://marneltoerien.co.za/
Stationery: Secret Diary Designs  http://www.secretdiary.co.za/
Brides outfits: Gavin Rajah Couture, www.gavinrajah.com
Grooms outfit: Fabiani www.fabiani.co.za
Jewellery: Kays Antiques www.kaysantiques.com
Cakes, petit fours and cupcakes: Pastry Parlour, www.pastryparlour.co.za
Venue: The Daddy Cool Bar, Grand Daddy http://www.granddaddy.co.za/


Cupcake workshop at The Real Toy Company

Last weekend Sugar Doodle hosted another workshop at The Real Toy Company in Pinelands. Each child  made 2 mini rainbow cakes and they all turned out great! Well done everyone, I hope you had fun! 🙂

Sugar Doodle cookies now at High Tea

If you`re looking for another way to get your hands on Sugar Doodle`s cookies, look no further than the delightful High Tea located in Farriers Centre (53 Constantia Road) . They have got delicious treats on offer and my gingerbread families have reported that they are loving their new home and that the smell of the coffee is so enticing that it takes every bit of self-control not to jump down from the shelf and go grab a cup… 🙂

If you`re looking for a place to catch up with a friend in a tranquil setting, head to High Tea. It`s a hidden gem and well worth a visit. Their website is very informative ( http://www.hightea.co.za/ ) and their Facebook page is kept up to date by regularly posting photos of their delicious food ( https://www.facebook.com/HighTeaCakeShop )

Zoos for life!

Hands up if you loved eating Iced Zoos as a kid? That`s everyone, right? The real question to debate will be around how exactly you ate your Zoo….

A quick Google Search pulls up a number of blog posts on the topic with my favourite being from the blog willworkforbiltong:  “First you nibble the exposed cookie around the icing. Then you lick off the iced animal. After this it was up to your own discretion. Either you could lick the coloured icing off the leftover biscuit, followed by the biscuit itself, or you could finish off the whole cookie in a couple of bites. Thinking back about this, eating them this meticulously must have stopped us from scoffing the whole box in one sitting, which is what I did with Romany Creams on a regular basis.”

Something we will all be in agreement on is the fact that the animals have become less and less identifiable over the years and are close to being blobs. Good for the imagination I guess but other than that, it`s quite a sorry sight! If you don`t believe me, check this out:

I have decided to remedy the situation by creating new-and-improved Zoos. I had fun on this project as it bought a whole bunch of my childhood memories flooding back. I am just short of a springbok cutter so if you happen to stumble upon one, please let me know .

Have a great day and long live the Zoos!

Teaming up with Fox & Co

Recently I provided some cookies for a styled shoot Fox&Co was doing. The brains behind the brand is Fennec Deuchar who I went to school with. She launched her company in 2011 which specializes in event styling and flowers.  She has got such a fresh approach and style, and is one to keep an eye on. Check out her website for more info: http://www.foxandco.co.za/

Blue Bird Fashion Market fun


On Saturday, 14 September I went off to the wonderful Blue Bird Fashion Market armed with a boot-load of Sugar Doodle cookies. It was a great experience to be around a bunch of creatives and I really enjoyed the opportunity to sell my goodies and see people`s responses about my things. I have found this part of the business quite hard – creating something and them having people critique it. Luckily for me there were lots of ladies oooing and aaaahing about my cookies. My favorite customers are the kiddies (well their parents as they are the ones with the moola) and nothing touches my heart more than a kid`s face lighting up as they chose their cookie… gingerbread boys and girls, sweet pink bunnies and smiling dinos were all hits.

It is a wonderful market and well worth a visit. I wrote a review about them a while back so check it out if you`d like to find out some more info:  http://musingsofadoodler.wordpress.com/2013/08/11/market-review-blue-bird-garage-food-and-goods-market/

Styled Shoot: Blush, Emerald & Gold with a touch of 1920`s

I had the privilege of  contributing some treats to a styled shoot this week. The theme was Blush, Emerald & Gold with a touch of 1920`s. The brains behind the gorgeousness were  Lauren from Lauren Kriedemann Photography and Coral and Chantell from Green Goddess Flower Studio. I hadn`t worked on something like this before and I must say, it was amazing to see what goes on behind the scenes! A number of people contributed to the shoot and the results were just breathtaking. The shoot was also featured on The Pretty Blog which can be seen here – http://www.theprettyblog.com/wedding/romantic-blush-emerald-inspiration/