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La Petite Patisserie course – Certificate in Patisserie Studies

At the end of last month I completed my Patisserie Course through La Petite Patisserie. We made a variety of different things during the course such as Creme brulee, Chocolate truffles, Cheesecakes and much more. My favourite class was the macaroons – those cute little pastels shells with the right crispy/ chewy ratio – my best! Click here to read more about that class.

Nicolette and Liezl took photos of our work at the end of each day, so check below for some pics of what I made:


La Petite Patisserie course – Certificate in Master Cake Decorating

Towards the end of last year I decided to do some formal training to improve my skills. There are a number of schools in Cape Town but most come with quite a hefty price tag. After doing some research online I found a newer school, La Petite Patisserie, run by Nicolette Van Niekerk. La Petite Patisserie is part of the South African Chefs Association as a training provider. They offer a Certificate in Master Cake Decorating and a Certificate in Patisserie Studies.

At the beginning of 2014 I started with the Certificate in Master Cake Decorating which involved completing 10 modules which ran over 5 weeks. This course was about learning decorating skills so, besides the cookies class where we made our own cookies, the rest of the cakes were baked for us beforehand and we focused on the decorating. I made a wide variety of cakes over the 5 weeks and it was really fun to experiment with the different techniques we learnt. The final module which served as our final assessment was a three-tier wedding cake. We had to cut, stack, ice and cover the cakes in fondant before letting our creativity take over to produce something unique.

This is some of the work I produced during the course:

More more information about La Petite Patisserie, visit their website:  http://lapetitepatisserie.co.za/